Getting started…

Growing up in a pescatarian / Italian household meant we ate fish for dinner most nights, not meatballs. Our favorites were salmon, tuna, cod, swordfish.. rarely something local. I recently learned that the US imports nearly 90% of the seafood American’s consume, while we’re exporting 80% of what is local to us! I live in the ocean state, with almost 400 miles of gorgeous coastline and I’m super pumped to discover more of the fresh seafood that’s native to my backyard.

This blog will serve as a diary for my research study. Each week I’m assigned 4 seafood species to shop for locally. Then, I’m tasked to purchase, prepare and eat at least one of them (assuming I can find these local species in the local market). The goal of the study is to see if our markets match our ecosystem.

Here’s some more information about the study:

Stay tuned and thanks for following along.

Cheers! Judy Garlix


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